Public Speaking in Salesforce

I have been working in Salesforce eco-system since 2010. I am a Certified Salesforce Application and a System Architect.

During this time I was honoured to speak publicly on big stages of Salesforce. Following is my public speaking experience in Salesforce world!

Salesforce World Tour (SFWT) London — May 2019

About Me

Dreamforce — September 2018

Dreamforce 2018 sessions for Einstein Chat Bots

Build a ChatBot with Einstein Bots (1)

Build a ChatBot with Einstein Bots (2)

Salesforce World Tour (SFWT) — London

May 2018

Make Awesome Admins Happy with the Apex Metadata API

May 2019

Change Data Capture (CDC)

London’s Calling

March 2019

Change Data Capture (CDC) — Keep your External Data Synchronised and Up to Date in Real Time

Me with London’s Calling organisers

March 2020

Cross Object Interface (Entity Interface) — The New Salesforce Object Framework

Walk of Fame

March 2021

Einstein OCR — Detect Text in an Image and convert into digitally stored Text

Salesforce Developer Group — London

Change Data Capture (CDC) — August 2019

Salesforce Developer Group — Karachi

Mobile Developer Week — April 2013

Accenture — May 2019

Honoured and featured by Accenture in Salesforce World Tour (SFWT) London May 2019.

Hitting Sixes with Salesforce

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